When Yuri Met Grigoriy: Out There Somewhere

A game simply cannot fail when it boasts a Yuri. It's a fact. Which most probably isn't the reason why Miniboss chose that particular name for the protagonist of their new game, Out There Somewhere. Be that as it may, poor Yuri is stuck on a faraway planet, teleport gun in hand, and has to puzzle platform his way home. The authors claim that they "are trying to make a game based on what we used to play in the 90′s". Make what you will of this statement.

Those interested in helping Yuri reach The Great Mother Planet safely will be able to do so on February 21st. However, if your wallet is itching, you can pre-order it right now, and get the soundtrack neatly packed in ugly MP3's for the low price of five dollars. Here's what to expect:

Oh, there's a bullet hell sequence! Lovely...


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