Instant Kratification: New Krater Screens

After throwing nothing but concept art at us for quite some time, and releasing a tiny gameplay teaser just the other day, the boys and girls of Fatshark have finally graced us with a healthy batch of pictures from their upcoming game, Krater. Pretties below!

They've also announced the release of a pre-alpha version that they ceremoniously dubbed "playable vision". It's due this week, and will be available to all those who signed up here. If you're not one of them, there's still time. Not the least, some new info (mixed with marketing-speak):

We’ve decided to use the Swedish spelling of crater (Krater) since that’s where our story takes place. Placing a post-apocalyptic RPG in Sweden gave us something more lush and different than the genre typical grey/brown deserts to work with. We have tried to update the classic top-down RPG formula in real-time, allowing us to add co-op and player versus player game modes later on. However we have made sure that nostalgia is not lost in the process, creating a game that feels fresh but still familiar.

There you go. Here's that sign-up address once more.


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