X-Camaraderie, part two

This is the second part of a diary of my first playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The difficulty setting is Ironman Classic, and the recurring theme is things not working out like they are supposed to. First part here.

Oh god. The scientists want a live alien. This will not end well.

X-Camaraderie, part one

I don’t really remember Sectoids. Nor Mutons. All I do remember is that, back in the mid-nineties, kid me found X-Com to be brutally punishing. He loved it for it, but never could get a good enough grasp of it’s workings to get far. The memories are hazy at best, so I fired up this year’s remake not knowing what to expect. Overly confident, I chose Classic Ironman as my desired difficulty level. I can do this. I am devil incarnate. I’ve been playing turn-based strategies all my life. What could possibly go wrong?