Total War: Shogun 2: Fall Of The Samurai: Talking Heads

I was never one to Total War much. The original Shogun was the first and last time I've tasted the series, but Fall of The Samurai has me properly excited. Why? Because it is set in a time and place that was the closest real life ever got to steampunk. Exciting, is it not?

The isolated society of Japan meets the industrial West, steel clashes with lead, honour stands up to greed. Players will be able to choose whether to succumb to the steam-powered barbarians and the promise of riches, or to proudly defy progress in favour of tradition. I, for one, will soak the land in the blood of thousands in order to drive out the barbarians. For those not yet sold on the idea, Creative Assembly has released a developer diary video, detailing all the intricacies and novelties of their expansion. Which will be standalone, so you don't need to own Shogun 2. Expandalone, yes. Now quiet down and listen to what the creative people have to say.

March 23rd cannot come too soon.


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