Don't Fear The Reaper: Thanatophobia Teaser

Oh. Here I was, thinking nobody save myself remembered those older Resident Evil games. You know, the ones that were actually scary. In times past, when ammo was limited and zombies were few but frightening and resilient. And then, out of nowhere comes Death Knell Games, flaunting their upcoming survival horror game, Thanatophobia, right in front of my eyes.

What can we expect of it? Only the standard "old school, third person, survival horror" fare, with puzzles, inventories, dialogues, and combats. Yes, more of them. There is also mention of "episodes" in regards to playable characters, but it is unclear at the moment whether that means different characters having different storylines (which would fit right in with the rest of the announced features), or the game coming out in pieces. Here's some trailers detailing... static mostly, to tell the truth.

There's no firm release date yet, but a demo shall be gracing us with it's presence "soon".


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