Shake Your Moneymaker: Dear Esther Sales Data

The remastered, crispy version of Dear Esther has gone live on Steam yesterday evening, and only a couple of hours later, it started making money. That is, after only five and a half hours, the investment was returned, and Esther Dearest became profitable. That's quite fast, I'd reckon.


You can read the whole breakdown on the Indie Fund's website. Here's some interesting bits:

  • It sold over 16k copies in under 24 hours
  • The financial backers from Indie Fund invested 55.000 dollars
  • The whole sum was recouped after only 5.5 hours of sale

It's quite a success, no matter how you look at it. It's nice to see an arthouse game get that kind of attention. Not much of a surprise, however. The original 2008. Source mod left quite an impression on a lot of people. I'm more interested in seeing how things pan out with the other two projects they've announced - Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and the mysterious gameB.

I'm also very keen on finding out what's next for the Indie Fund. Their first two protégés are selling well, they got their investments back extremely fast, and the other two are still in development. It's high time they signed up another game or two, eh?


Alex said...

Quite encouraging for the Indies, I would think.

Ketchua said...

Should be. It's nice to know exploration/light-on-interaction games have their place on Steam.

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