Near Laugh: Far Cry 3 Gets Trailed

Before I start making fun of the newly released Far Cry 3 trailer, I want to say that I am really taken aback by Ubisoft's reaction to the leakage of the aforementioned piece of video material. When the trailer accidentally ended up on the internet this morning, they didn't think of a crazy DRM scheme that would make their future videos unplayable for those genuinely interested in them. Actually, we don't know that yet. But they've shown some level of gentlemanship today, by officially releasing the trailer ahead of schedule.

Onto the trailer then. It's a bit like those Hostel movies: a couple of adventurous young people with fashionable face hair use their vacation time to explore an uncharted island, which turns out to be populated by Scum. And then everything goes to shit, and there's lots of fighting, and gunfire, and panting. And terrible, terrible dubstep.

So, September 7th?


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