Bacon And Cheese: Mr. Bree Released

A couple of months ago, Adam Smith of RPS did a write up on Mr. Bree: Returning Home, a spike-ridden platformer developed by the Brazilian Taw Studio. I decided to follow the development of this one closely, as I was captivated by the premise - one about a gentlemanly pig who awakens in the woods, with no recollection of how he got there. Sadly, the devs have gone rather quiet shortly after, turning to other projects instead, only to release the game on Kongregate in the most stealthy of manners.

As I suspected Mr. Bree is all about timing and muscle memory. The levels are not as hard as the trailer below would suggest. Not before you unlock the hardcore mode, anyway. But they did make me sit on the edge of my chair, palms producing copious amounts of sweat. The levels center on getting hold of memories that point towards home. There are also unpleasant memory bits to be snatched, which unlock retrospective what-the-hell-happened-to-Bree levels. These are somewhat harder than the regular ones, but aren't required for finishing the game. Oh, and I loved the soundtrack. They need to get that shit onto Bandcamp as soon as possible.

Jump over to Kongregate and give it a spin.


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