Another Non-Syndicate: Fray

Ever since the new Syndicate game was revealed as boring shit nobody likes an FPS, "spiritual successors" to the original Syndicate have been sprouting like... sprouts... after rain. Well, actually, there's only Cartel and Fray so far, but I do get excited easily. Fray pits players against each other, in roles of dirty corporations, fighting for power and screwing Ordinary Joes in the process. On dedicated servers. Because that's how PC gaming rolls.

The devs at Brain Candy have released a trailer called "Alpha Featurette", which is like a feature, only tinier. If you like what you see, and your heart aches for some instant turn-based violence, you can head on over to Desura and pre-order the game for 20$, which will grant you the most immediate of accesses to the current build. Which is alpha. Watch the trailer and make the decision.


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