Not-Really-A-Chamber Gets IndieFunded

Antichamber (also known as The Game That Won Every Award Ever) is something of a mindfuck. From what I've gathered (not by playing the game myself, unfortunately) it will not only challenge the player's perception of space, but also his perception of... pretty much everything. If it sounds like a great deal of work, that's probably because it is. Which is, in turn, why boss-man Alexander Bruce is taking his time making it.

He's quite sure 2012. will be the year of his brainchild's release, and indie-superstars-turned-investors, The Indie Fund, are right behind him on that. They are going to "help the game across the finish line", wherever that line may be. I, on the other hand, am cautiously excited, since abstract games of that kind are no stranger to development hell. Just ask Cactus. Or Marc Ten Bosch. Here's an older video to cheer you up, lest you become cautious like me.


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