"Anna Will Know", Says The Dev Team

The chaps at Dreampainters aren't doing a very good job marketing Anna, their upcoming horror adventure. First of all, that sentence up there sounds like they're trying to make me feel guilty for masturbating. Second of all, I'm not even slightly enthused by their videos, which seem out of context at best, while the words they say make me feel as giddy as a schoolgirl.

The good thing is that they do explain the point of the video. Otherwise, it would be rather sad. Anyhow, the news is that the game will feature a kind of AI director, which will observe and analyse your every move, looking for the best possible way to scare you shitless. When you look at the trapdoor for too long, it will start budging viciously. While you peruse the shelves filled with rusty cans, potted plants will hurl themselves at you for no apparent reason. When you've triple-checked the toilet bowl before taking a seat, a snake will jump out and bite you. Take a look at the trailer, maybe you could make some more sense of it than I did.


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