The Truth Is Down There: SCP-087

This evening, I somehow ended in the bat-shit insane part of the internet. You know, the one with the conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, and what have you. All because of a friend who pointed me in the general direction of a game called SCP-087. It's a short experimental horror game, that leans heavily on sound in order to help you make a mess of your trousers.

What you have to do is descend a seemingly endless stairwell. It is pretty dark in there, so you'll have to rely on your hearing a whole lot. While treading carefully downwards, you will hear all kinds of sounds that will make you uneasy. Footsteps, sobbing, grunting, tapping... The sonic landscape is procedurally generated, so there's no way to predict what is going to happen during your playthrough. However, I found the absence of happenings to be quite perplexing. The longer nothing happened, the faster my heart beat. As I anticipated some horrible thing to appear and do horrible things to me, the strain grew. After a while, the tension became so unbearable, that I had to quit the game. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can download it from here (Mac version here).

Oh, and the bat-shit part - it is based on a "real" location, part of an extremely large database on paranormal activity. It is fiction, though (Or is it?), but written cleverly enough to fool a wandering traveler.


AlexP said...

Jesus this thing is creepy. And yeah, you're right. The anticipation is absolutely the worst part.

Ketchua said...

Proper horror, innit? I'd like to keep my eye on this, since the author said he'll probably expand on it. I'm not sure I'd like to give it another go anytime soon, though.

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