Super Mario Mega Gaidenmania 2

Super Mario Bros. Crossover was a game that combined the levels from SMB with the characters from every other popular Nintendo title ever. Pretty much the ultimate level of fan fiction. Simon Belmont whipping Bowser into submission. There's a mental image for you. Anyway, Exploding Rabbit added a "2" at the end of the title, also adding many lovely things, tweaking old ones where necessary, and so forth.

Here's some of the more interesting stuff that got changed:

  • Added graphics skinning system to the game
  • Added new power up system with multiple power ups per character
  • Added Bass as a playable character
  • Added Luigi as a playable character
  • Added theme system that allows different graphical themes and colours to be applied to each level
  • Added multiple skins for each character, including at least one alternate persona
  • Modified some characters to make them control more like their original games
  • Removed ability for all characters besides Mario and Luigi to stomp enemies

For a full Super Mario Brosover change log, look here. For the game itself, here. For a video that should sell the idea if I haven't, down below.


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