On Fire: AVWW Revving Before Launch

A Valley Without Wind has come a long way. After switching the view from top down to side scrolling, Arcen Games have updated the publicly available beta a million times. Now they finally feel it is time to move on into the Final Phase of Beta. The game is now more streamlined and accessible, with a lot more content and a fully functional multiplayer. Or so they say. I've not the courage to see for myself. Way back when the demo came out, I spent an unreasonable amount of time playing it, so I'll just take their word for it, in fear of relapsing. Celebratory pictures, both moving and still, after the break.

You can ogle the whole gallery of these hi-res beauties over yonder, while the trial demo, which is limited to the first continent, allowing you to cast only low-level spells, can be downloaded from here. Arson Games plans to support the game heavily after release, with free DLC and whatnot, just like they did with AI War before it. Which is lovely.

Release is set for March, which is either tomorrow or sometime in the next thirty days.


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