To Survive A Shanking: Shank Survival Mode

One of the largest bones I had to pick with Shank was the unjustified absence of online multiplayer. Sure, there was local, but for that I'd need to have real-life friends. It was a blood ballet craving to be played with other people - I used to daydream of making dual-chainsaw combos, throwing enemies toward the other person who would welcome them with a pistol barrage, running through the meadows picking flowers... Shank 2 will try to mend my broken heart with proper multiplayer. And there's a video to prove it.

Although a coop campaign is something I'd much rather see, this showcased mode doesn't look bad at all. It's the usual survival fare, with waves of enemies, precious something to defend, and upgrades to buy in the dull moments between influxes. I'm a little worried about the menu that's decorated with Xbox buttons, but the PC version probably won't have those. God, I hope so. The day we'll find out is February 7th, so I won't have to ponder the thought for long.


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