The Skyrim That Could Have Been

I suspect that this is not the intention with which Todd Howard aired the video below at the DICE Summit. He probably thought it would be nice to show people how crazy creative folks at Bethesda can get when they have a chance. But all it did was make me ask why wasn't half of this stuff implemented in the release version?

It's an internal game jam video thingy. During December, every Bethesdian had a week off to make whatever comes to mind. In Skyrim. Incredible things they've made, I tell ye. Things like house building, mounted combat, proper companion commands and options, combining spells, actual stealth, spears, way gates... There was also some nice visual stuff, that would truly do the game good, like seasonal foliage and flow-based water shaders. Of course, there's a by product - extremely shitty stuff no one cares about, like Kinect shouts, or kill cams for magic and ranged combat. Mute the video after Howards' preamble. Trust me.

Pay attention to the part that says they may end up selling some of this stuff as DLC. To be fair, they may as well give it all for free, for all we know, but let's be honest - they're the guys who tried to sell you horse armour.


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