The Path To A Modder Skyrim

Today marks a new chapter in Skyrim's life, one that will be brimming with erotic fan fiction and purple dildos. Yes, the Creation Kit is finally here, three months after the game's release, and there are already sixty-something mods on the Steam Workshop. Along with the modding tool, Bethesda released three gigabytes worth of hi-res textures. Time to make the old GPU break a sweat.

I'm hoping for an interface overhaul as soon as possible. The current one is truly horrendous, and it needs to be put out of it's misery. I'm optimistic, since it's only day one, and the game has already been improved upon in a marvellous way. But new content is what excites me the most. I'm not expecting stupendous projects like Tamriel Rebuilt to start popping up at once, but I really look forward to bite sized chunks of new stories and quests and wonder. Also, this.


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