A Game A Day #6 - The Faeries' Curse

Games seldom have me grinning like an idiot, or make me want to listen to The Young Tradition. Far, far too seldom. The Faeries’ Curse does both in less than ten minutes. Verily!

It is like an interactive children’s book of auld - a series of silly narrative vignettes written in superb archaic English glued together by simple puzzles, to the backdrop of lush harpsichord sounds and baroquesque drawings. It evokes images of fox hunts and bards and fair maidens. Also, abject poverty and oppression, but let us not dwell on details.

With games making an effort to be taken more seriously on all fronts, from gloomy, pretentious AAA titles to mindful, pensive indie stuff, it’s nice to see something as gleeful and childish as The Faeries’ Curse. Because that’s what it is - childish and naive in the best possible way. We need that.


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