A Game A Day #2 - Firepoint

I’d love to call Firepoint a firefighter simulation, but it’s missing some key ingredients. Mainly, undressing yourself and doing calendar photoshoots. Or undressing yourself in front of crowds of celebrating women. But it is a game about fighting fire.

It’s glorious, in a word. Your goal is, obviously, to suppress fires and save people trapped by it. A simple platformer at its core, what makes Firepoint so amazing are the ways its systems interact. In one of the early levels, I threw a man out of a window - he landed on a blazing balcony, catching on fire himself. While running around in dismay, he fell off the balcony too. I calmly walked down the stairs, grabbed an extinguisher off the wall, and started spraying foam all over the poor sod, knocking him back with each burst. He survived, smile on his face and all.

The challenges are designed in such a way that they force the player to discover the limits of his tools before handing him new ones. Before you know it, you’ll be juggling ladders, throwing people about, breaking down doors with axes and such.

What’s more, the writing is whimsical and slapsticky - each level starts with showing how the fire started, and every time it’s by way of someone being a complete and utter idiot. And every time it’s funnier than the last. To top it all off, it’s free. What more could you ask for?


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